Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is Denmark a Microsoft-protectorate, prime minister?

I didn't even know that the online IT-news magazine Computerworld had "Leaders" articles.

Well - here's a refreshing one "Is Denmark a Microsoft-protectorate, prime minister?" on the sensibility of the danish prime minister getting very cosy with the company Microsoft and its chairman Bill Gates.

The article spawned quite a lot of comments, but the editor summed up the comments by asking for concrete proposals as to how the Denmark-Microsoft relation should be formalized.

Is it OK, that danish school children cannot participate in exams, unless they buy and use Microsoft products? Is it ok, that danish public TV sends its webTV in Microsoft formats only?


Sine Zambach said...

Well aren't our souls allready lost?

(this is written in explorer, oups)

Anders Norgaard said...

No no, just installing Firefox has a "get-your-soul-back"-guarantee.