Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prenzlauer Berg

Photo is CC-By by Mishkabear

Since visiting Berlin on a vacation some years ago, I have been dreaming about a flat in Prenzlauer Berg. It is just sooooo, trendy. Apparently others agree, and Henning Su├čebach has written about the place and the people. "Too trendy for their own good" seems to be his sentiment. I would still love an apartment there.

(Once again a link I got from Luftskibet )

Stieg Larsson in English

Stieg Larssons crime stories, seem to have been read by half the Danes I know. And now I can mention them to English-speakers too.

The first book in his trilogy has been translated, and it gets a favorable review in the Independent.

I got this news at the blog of Information. Information is easily the best newspaper in Denmark, and "Luftskibet", the collective blog of their journalists fantastic. Is almost better than the newspaper.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blogging advice for me

I didn't blog from September until after this new year. Or so I thought...

In this nice list of tips for new bloggers one of the original bloggers, Jorn Barger, emphasizes the idea that a blog is mostly about sharing what you find interesting on the web.

I actually did this a bit by posting links on Facebook. Which is really easy, because you can just bookmark a link in Firefox, and press it whenever you're on an interesting page, make a short comment, and then it appears in your "Facebook mini-feed"

Ok. Now I will try to post these links on this blog instead. I'm sure that somewhere there is some software that will make it easy....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Skiing in Masella

Saturday I went on a one day ski-trip to Masella, with a couple of colleagues from the lab.

To me, who grew up in Denmark, and therefore had to travel far to find either nice weather or (skiable) snow it is always amazing that other places it is not so. Masella is less than 2 hours drive from central Barcelona.

The skiing was fine, and so was the weather. But it was a bit expensive. Probably around 100 Euros for the day (transport, ski-rent, lift-pass etc.)

Two things I noted: 1) The car sharing scheme, we used as transport seems really cool. I need to find out more (and maybe blog about it). 2) When we got back to Barcelona, it was striking how polluted the air seemed. Yuck!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New years resolutions

This blog has been dead for a while unfortunately. But as part of my new years resolutions it will be revived. Yay!

Without further ado here are some New Years resolutions:

  • Blog at least a couple of times per month (preferably once per week)
  • Run ca. 10 km once per week (in preparation for a half marathon in May)
  • Get to work around 9 am instead of 10 am
  • Participate in Open Science