Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 New Years resolutions

I partially met my 2008 resolutions. I guess one of my ideas with these resolutions is to aim for something doable, that I will none the less have to put in some effort to succeed with. What do I want to aim for in 2009.

  • Do more blog posts than in 2008. (shouldn't be too hard)
  • Blog about science, economics, politics and the environment.
  • Spend some of my money to make the world a better place (I already joined "The Danish Society for Nature Conservation" - do more like that)
  • Try the Free Software Foundation Europe goals for 2009 - I think I can easily manage the first three points.
  • Prepare better and run a full half marathon.
  • Write more than 1000 lines of code in a new programming language (new meaning a language that I haven't written more than 1000 lines of code in before). I am guessing it will be Groovy or JavaScript.
Actually I also want to visit the dentist more and to buy one of those fancy new Solid State Disk drives that Linus Torvals seems to like (update). But it doesn't quite sound fancy enough to make the list.

Friday, January 23, 2009

2008 New Years resolutions status

Early last year I blogged my new years resolutions here. And before I blog any new resolutions for 2009 I might as well look back at how I did with the ones for 2008. Here goes

  • Blog at least a couple of times per month (preferably once per week) - With 38 posts in 2008 I am slightly over "a couple of times per month" but under "once per week". WIN
  • Run ca. 10 km once per week (in preparation for a half marathon in May) - Much of the year I actually accomplished a ~10km run per week, and I did go to the half marathon. Not with complete success as my knee hurt after 16 km and I walked some kilometers after that. WIN
  • Get to work around 9 am instead of 10 am. Hmm, no great success with that. FAIL
  • Participate in Open Science. No success here either. I left science in the summer, and I never worked on my project in the open. FAIL

Maybe I'll do better this year.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How we can do much better than extending copyright

The american Mickey Mouse Protection Act is coming to Europe...and the OpenRightsGroup have made a short film on what is wrong about that, how it will hurt consumers (like me, and probably also you - anyone who is not a record company executive). Fortunately it also mentions what we could do instead of extending copyright.

The association of danish newspaper publishers have also voiced a well argued and strongly negative view on extending copyright for recordings.