Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wow! Real shoes can be soft...

For years I've preferred skater-shoes, because they're soft and comfortable. Lise (among countless others), however, doesn't think skater-shoes are very pretty or stylish, so she has suggested that I try some new types of shoes.

So, at her specific suggestion I tried a pair of white leather shoes, in a non-skater look - to replace the old black ones. She found them in this shop on Osterbrogade. Nice shop, great selection.

And the new shoes are really nice and soft and light! Uhmmm.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

10...10, comme Zidane

...is a classic line from Taxi.

And today I found a nice video with Zidane footage. Here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bio95, Tom K and Flemming H

Well, Tom K didn't win in Le Mans. His teammates in the other diesel powered Audi did win however. I guess that it is sort of cool in a technical way that a diesel powered car won, but I'm not extatic.

If they run on BioDiesel next year, THEN I'll think it's very cool.

Meanwhile, little steps are possible outside the track. Lise's mom goes for Bio95, and Lise sent me a picture...

Mads tells me that Novozymes is in the news in the US with their enzymes for biofuels. Now if Flemming Hansen, the danish transport and energy minister, wasn't such a complete dimwit there might have been a real market for biofuel-products. Who knows. Oh well, I guess he's too busy keeping the consequences of his economic deals secret* from the danish public, to do anything useful.

* Maybe requires a subscription.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is Denmark a Microsoft-protectorate, prime minister?

I didn't even know that the online IT-news magazine Computerworld had "Leaders" articles.

Well - here's a refreshing one "Is Denmark a Microsoft-protectorate, prime minister?" on the sensibility of the danish prime minister getting very cosy with the company Microsoft and its chairman Bill Gates.

The article spawned quite a lot of comments, but the editor summed up the comments by asking for concrete proposals as to how the Denmark-Microsoft relation should be formalized.

Is it OK, that danish school children cannot participate in exams, unless they buy and use Microsoft products? Is it ok, that danish public TV sends its webTV in Microsoft formats only?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soccer season

Well - with a nice opening game yesterday I'm ready for the World Cup. So here's a little link to get you warmed up also

Great moments on GoogleVideo.

Who can find the coolest links? And who can find a "Zidanes greatest" DVD?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Doing good things...

...well, not me, unfortunately. But I could, and probably you could also. My friend Frances, has found the UN online volunreering organisation and she has joined as a translator.

She can translate to chinese, I can't, but there is lots of different tasks, and there seems to be a need for programmers also! Oh, well - if I get spare time, I think I'll try to program some Free Software. That could then benefit everyone in the world and if it then ends up in something like OLPC it would just be great!