Monday, February 25, 2008

Organic shoes

I spent last week with Lise in Copenhagen. I usually remember to pack all important stuff for my travels, but this time I forgot my indoor-shoes. In order to avoid catching a cold I had to get some. Fortunately Lise remembered that the supermarkets were selling some inexpensive indoor shoes.

Wow. Organic!

Only when I went to the shop and had the shoes in my hand, did I discover that they were all organic. Yay.

An objection to organic farming (and products) I hear somewhat often is that "it cannot feed the world". Well a group of researchers from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor believe it can [non free link :o(]

Here is the news story

And on the same subject - a nice story of how to make organic mango, from the Economist

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New apartment

For the last 7 months I've been living with some very nice people in a large apartment in central Barcelona. However, my room is very small and not suited for sharing with Lise when she joins me in June.

In January Lise then started looking at the websites that advertise apartments in Barcelona:, etc.

The first one she found on loquo looked really good. It is in my favorite part of Barcelona; Poble Nou. And it is close to the beach, the lab, and the main street of Poble Nou. It is also a nice apartment. With a kichen/living room in one. The only thing it misses is a nice balcony with afternoon sun.

The kichen. Nice and new. And with room for a dishwasher (oh joy!)

The only other apartment we actually went to see had afternoon sun in copious amounts. But it had a small kitchen and was expensive.

So the decision was not too difficult. And I didn't even have to take it alone. I went to see the apartment the weekend of the week that I contacted the owners. Lise came for a weekend visit the next weekend, and we were given a second look.

The living room (TV not included, regrettably)

We will rent it from April, and I will move in, even though Lise arrives in July. As there is a nice guest-room visitors are welcome anytime. Yes, that means you!