Monday, March 09, 2009

LED lightning slowly appearing

In my parents summer house there are some halogen spots set in the ceiling. It is a wooden, dusty ceiling and occasionally I see smoke coming from the spots. Not nice. For some time I've wanted to replace these spots with LED lamps. Since LED lamps draw much less power and operate at a much lower temperature I figure they are the way to go. Also LED is cool technology - so why not try. I have some GU5,3 halogen spots in the apartment that I can replace first to see what kind of light the LEDs give. Unfortunately the employees in my local shops in Copenhagen look at me with a blank face whenever I ask for LED lamps. Even though there are web-shops, like "prolys" and "danled" I would prefer to see the lamps in action, before I buy them. They are still on the expensive side.

Now Phillips seem to be introducing a series of mainstream LED bulbs - maybe the "mainstream" shops (or even supermarkets) will get these?