Monday, June 05, 2006

Doing good things...

...well, not me, unfortunately. But I could, and probably you could also. My friend Frances, has found the UN online volunreering organisation and she has joined as a translator.

She can translate to chinese, I can't, but there is lots of different tasks, and there seems to be a need for programmers also! Oh, well - if I get spare time, I think I'll try to program some Free Software. That could then benefit everyone in the world and if it then ends up in something like OLPC it would just be great!


GiUsY said...

Compliments for the blog!

: -)
How beautiful to see that google is known all over the world!
I am an Italian girl!
So many kisses
: -)

santhosh said...

happened across ur blog when i was bloghopping
can u tel me how to decrease the left column size so that there is more horizontal space for the posts in the center column...
in my blog (i use the same template as ur's), the left blank column is almost as wide as the right one (which contains blog roll, profile, etc)

Anders Norgaard said...

Hi santhosh.

I edited my template. I forgot which part, but I think it must be

@media all {
#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {

Try to see if some of the width values are larger than in your template.


santhosh said...

hey mate
thanks a ton
it works
did the exact same thing when i first created my blog, but well, dint work then...

and yes
i work at ibm...
what abt you

Anders Norgaard said...

Yup, I'm a student worker at IBM - it's a small world (or maybe just a large company).

Do you, by the way, know how to change the template for the this comments section? It's very narrow.