Monday, November 27, 2006

Reading blogs easily

To many people it is anoying to have to visit different pages to read different peoples blogs. So they don't. However, the technology of blogs is made such that it is extremely easy to stay up to date with many (or few) different blogs.

On my home page I've posted a small explanation of how to read blogs easily. I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog (and maybe the blogs I read) using this tip.

If you write a blog yourself, you might install an RSS reader for some of the people you want to read your blog. I know I'll install one for my mom :o)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Economist on the internet

I've subscribed to the Economist for about a year and a half now. Before that I read as many articles as I could on their homepage. Lately I've noticed that almost all their articles are free for non-subscribers to read.

So, go on, have a read, try it out, maybe you'll like it as much as I do. I will keep my subscription for the paper edition (which includes web access) as the paper edition is easy to bring around and wonderful on an otherwise boring train ride.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Onkel Danny

Thursday, Lise and I went with Søren and AC to see Onkel Danny. It was a great show, I recommend it to anyone. I even got interested in the main character Dan Turell. I think I have to read one of his books sometime.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


A while back, Lise and I went to the Sicef job-fair. There I met a "kichen-mate" from the kollegium where I used to live. She is working on the sustainability policies of Danisco. Great, to see companies take sustainability seriously! I haven't read all of the material yet, but it looks promising. I think Danisco just entered the list of places I'd like to work. Next to the likes of Novozymes, IBM, Redhat and Google. Of course it also helps that Danisco recently bought Genencor, and they do a lot of interesting protein science.

I also got some promotional material for Danisco. Among the material is my favorit TV-ad in a long while.