Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great course in journalistic writing

Today I attended a course in journalistic writing. It was arranged by the editors of "scient" - a student magazine for the facculty of natural sciences.

he course was great. It was well done. About 20 people attended, mostly science students. First we had an introduction to journalistic writing. Then a little more theory. Then we were divided into four groups, and each group was given some background info on an interview subject. We discussed how to prepare the interview with an instructor(and prepared it). Then we performed the interview. Then we had some do's and don'ts of language.

After that we wrote an article from the interview. Finally we had some more theory and some polishing of the article and prestentations of the articles of the four groups.

So what was so great about the course? Hmm, everything just worked very well. The presentations were interesting, relevant and not too long. The interview subjects were "real" with real, interesting stories. The group-work worked very well. The instructor present during our group-work was attentive and engaged, and guided our work well.

The course was free, but the scient-team could easily have charged for it. Maybe I'll pay to go again next year.

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