Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cafe Copenhagen

Last wednesday (still in France) we drove to Antibes along the coast. Antibes is a nice touristy town with sandy beaches. I had a tuna sandwich (again!). Later however we noticed a cafe with "Søbogaard" juices in the window. And Lise heard someone speak Danish. Then we noticed the name of the Cafe. "Cafe Copehagen". It was a very trendy cafe - with stylish interior and a cosmopolitan menu. Smoothies, bagels, søbogaard juice and ice moccachinos.
The two girls who served were very busy. One was the owner and the other was a friend of the owner who acted as stand-in, as the day was unexpectedly busy, apparently.

The owner and the friend were both Danish and the cafe had been open for only three months. Lise and I shared a smoothie and tasted a chiliflavored bagel. But we noticed that the ice moccachino looked very delicious also.

While making the smoothie the owner asked me "haven't I seen you somewhere before? Somewhere in Nord-Sjælland?". This is pretty funny because Lise thinks that I say that a lot (after an unfortunate episode where I couldn't quite place Mette Vestergaard). Apparently the owner had danced in Værløse also (though not with me, I think). Small world.

Oh - and next time I go to Antibes, I think I'll skip the tuna sandwich and go for something more exciting and delicious at Cafe Copenhagen.


AC said...

Wow - that's pretty funny - the owner of the café is actually my friend Mette's (you know the one from lawschool) sister-in-law - her brother has been working in Mandelieu and surroundings for some years. What a tiny world...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know Café copenhagen too, and i asked for a job when i was there (last summerholiday). But i had to contact the owner and i've lost her mail. Does any of you know her mail adress or how I can get it? If you got her mail adress please sent it to me: julie_hhintze@yahoo.dk