Saturday, September 17, 2005

What's happned the last week?

1. I've started my masters thesis. Well - I haven't coded a single line yet - or run a simulation yet. But I've written down a description of the project - and I now have an ok grip on what to do.

2. I've almost finished the administrative tasks related to moving in with Lise. Got myself a "digital signatur" so I could log into the administrative system of Copenhagen and register my change of address. Reactivated my account at Skandiabanken so Lise and I can share an account.

Any opinions on Skandiabanken? It seems to have significantly better deals than the two large banks in Denmark (Nordea, Danske Bank).

3. I attended a meeting in Frit forum (warning - exceptionally buggy page) and forgot about another appointment I had. Sigh!

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