Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ok - gotta get blogging

I might as well record the general state of my life - and new events here, so I can just point folks here, if I think they might be interested in what I do and think.


After having lived 2 years at Rigshospitalets Kollegium - RHK I moved in with my girlfriend Lise in the week of august 19.

The next week we went to Marbella on a "do nothing at all in the sun and warmth" holliday.

And in the week after Lise went back to Denmark to work, but I stayed in Malaga to attend the KDE users and developers conference.

That was a great experience - sort of when you go to a farm as a kid and see where the carrots and steaks come from. I saw where my favorite apps (eg amaroK come from.

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