Sunday, May 17, 2009

Organic jeans, organic jeans everywhere!

Organic clothes has gradually become more available in Denmark. For a while it was mostly tshirts (and shoes, yay!), but last year I decided I would like some organic jeans. I looked and looked, but did not find any. Sad.

I don't shop much for clothes, but this spring I was in Chicago, and stumbled upon a skinstinct shop. Here I finally found jeans made from organic cotton and hemp. I panicked and immediately bought 2 pairs now that I had the chance.

Last weekend I then went shopping with my girlfriend in Malmo and Copenhagen, and found organic jeans everywhere. In Jack & Jones (sold out though), in Nudie Jeans (two pairs, looked nice) and in H&M (two pairs, slightly wierd models).

Sounds promising for next years jeans shopping.

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