Friday, January 23, 2009

2008 New Years resolutions status

Early last year I blogged my new years resolutions here. And before I blog any new resolutions for 2009 I might as well look back at how I did with the ones for 2008. Here goes

  • Blog at least a couple of times per month (preferably once per week) - With 38 posts in 2008 I am slightly over "a couple of times per month" but under "once per week". WIN
  • Run ca. 10 km once per week (in preparation for a half marathon in May) - Much of the year I actually accomplished a ~10km run per week, and I did go to the half marathon. Not with complete success as my knee hurt after 16 km and I walked some kilometers after that. WIN
  • Get to work around 9 am instead of 10 am. Hmm, no great success with that. FAIL
  • Participate in Open Science. No success here either. I left science in the summer, and I never worked on my project in the open. FAIL

Maybe I'll do better this year.

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