Monday, October 20, 2008

Great new movie review show on DR2

Denmark has a great new movie review show. Premiere on DR2. The host is really cool - so cool, in fact that his first show was retroactively censured for not living up to political correctness standards (supposedly a case of "Don't mention the war-liars in the Danish government").

And here is an attempt at a transcript of his key points of the movie High School Musical 3

Not since Grease has there been a musical phenomenon like this
 looks like a propaganda movie created by reactionary parents and the US department of education.


The movie is clinically purged of loosers and even people who stand a bit out. It is an example of  motivation that is based on fear. Fear of failure, fear of insufficiency, fear of humiliation.
 This is the stuff that annorexia and high school massacres is made of.

[then he cuts to a cool interview with Matt Stone...]

And he then gives the movie one star out of six. For "the occasional reference to better movies". It has sort of a Colbert/Stewart flavor. Seems like TV made for my age group. And people with my tolerance of nauseating Disney movies.


AC said...

No no no - you can never be too old or too cool for a Disney movie - come on Anders, find the child inside you! Otherwise you'll end up as one of those cognac-sipping-Harry-Potter-glasses-types who think they are way too intelligent for anything that is not shown in Grand theatre. Pls...

Anders Norgaard said...


Well, I liked WALL-E a lot. So let's just say that I don't hate all Disney movies.