Monday, June 16, 2008

Danish patent office messup

Some weeks ago I saw a post (on slashdot probably) about a new copyright treaty being negotiated in secret, basically by industry lobbyists.

The great copyright jurist William Patry blogged additional details here, here, and here.

So I decided to ask on the weblog of the Danish patent office who is representing Denmark in the negotiations, and by which mandate he is negotiating.

First the patent office blogger replied that he would look into the case and then get back to me, but then later both his comment and my subsequent comment was deleted. Well, the comments can currently be found in googles cache - so here they are for reference.

Current blog-post

Google cache from the 11. july before posts were deleted.


Anders Norgaard said...

The patent office clarifies that they they were hacked - and of course don't delete comments on purpose.

Mailund said...

It's crap that it was hacked, but at least good news that it wasn't deleted on purpose...