Monday, February 25, 2008

Organic shoes

I spent last week with Lise in Copenhagen. I usually remember to pack all important stuff for my travels, but this time I forgot my indoor-shoes. In order to avoid catching a cold I had to get some. Fortunately Lise remembered that the supermarkets were selling some inexpensive indoor shoes.

Wow. Organic!

Only when I went to the shop and had the shoes in my hand, did I discover that they were all organic. Yay.

An objection to organic farming (and products) I hear somewhat often is that "it cannot feed the world". Well a group of researchers from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor believe it can [non free link :o(]

Here is the news story

And on the same subject - a nice story of how to make organic mango, from the Economist

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Pede said...

"In order to avoid catching a cold I had to get some"... ANDERS FOR HELVEDE... DIN TØS! :oP