Sunday, June 24, 2007

The PRBB building (and One-year party)

The building where I work, PRBB, is a research park, very similar in concept to the one in Copenhagen.

Here's the building (the round one)

It houses the private research institution CRG (somewhat similar to BRIC) and it also houses labs for a nearby research hospital, and other labs. And the building is also very new. Soon after I arrived there was actually a one-year party for the building.

With some strange entertainment

and quite a lot of people

Fewer people as it got late

As it is a new building, the labs and offices are nice and new. However, not all of CRG has actually moved in yet, and this means (apparently) that some servers are on the other side of Barcelona. This should also explain the extremely slow internet connection from the labs (almost too slow to talk on Skype).


Pedro Beltrão said...

I am sure you mean conference calls and other business related skype call s right ;) ?

Anonymous said...

Is this institute really good in science ? Is the ambiance good (between people..) ?

Anders Norgaard said...


Yes, I believe it is good in science. I am in the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the people here are smart, ambitious and publish good papers, as far as I know.

And yes, the atmosphere is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anders,
It's still me ;).. (my name is Cécile)..
In fact I'm looking for a postdoc in CRG (or CMRB or IMIM) because it seems to be a good place and I want to learn spanish.. (perhaps english also !! ;))..
But, I have made my PhD in a good institute (the IGBMC in Strasbourg) and science is more or less good (not so good in my lab because too much PhD students with a lot of different projets and it was impossible to speak science with the boss because she doesn't read papers !!!).. In plus people are really convinced to be better than the others so finally the atmosphere was bad..
It's for that.. I'm a little afraid to found the same.. ok it's close to sea but..

Thank's a lot for your comments !

Ps: If there is some postdoctoral positions.. ;)

Anders Norgaard said...

Hi Cecile,

It is a good place to get used to speak English, many of the labs work in English.

And I am sure there are post-doc positions in various groups. Barcelona is a nice place for vacation, so you can drop by and visit the labs sometime.

Good luck,