Thursday, November 02, 2006


A while back, Lise and I went to the Sicef job-fair. There I met a "kichen-mate" from the kollegium where I used to live. She is working on the sustainability policies of Danisco. Great, to see companies take sustainability seriously! I haven't read all of the material yet, but it looks promising. I think Danisco just entered the list of places I'd like to work. Next to the likes of Novozymes, IBM, Redhat and Google. Of course it also helps that Danisco recently bought Genencor, and they do a lot of interesting protein science.

I also got some promotional material for Danisco. Among the material is my favorit TV-ad in a long while.

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Lise said...

...and you even won a present in the SICEF-evaluation competition!!!
So unfair, since I participate in every competition I see but I never win anything. I guess I´m lucky in love instead, but so are you....?!?